Quick Facts

Nick Name: Vladimir Sirin

Birthday: April 221899

Nationality: AmericanRussianSwiss

Famous: Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov Novelists

Died At Age: 78

Sun Sign: Taurus

Also Known As: Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov

Born Country: Russia

Born In: Saint Petersburg

Famous As: Novelist

Political Ideology: Classical LiberalFamily:

Spouse/Ex-: Vera Nabokov

Father: Vladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov

Mother: Elena Ivanovna Rukavishnikov

Siblings: Kirill Nabokov – Olga Nabokov – Elena Nabokov – Sergey Nabokov

Children: Dmitri Vladimirovich Nabokov

Died On: July 21977

Place Of Death: Montreux

Vladimir Nabokov was a renowned Russian-American novelist. Stylistic prose, drawing from personal experience, a healthy disdain for comparison, the rejection of individualism, or a successful combination of all of them endeared Vladimir Nabokov to his readers. Sometimes, controversial works of art lose their magic with time. However, this author’s most notoriously famous work has not stopped to fascinate movie makers, playwrights, translators, publishers, critics, reviewers and even the humble reader. Although his earliest works were in Russian, once his works were translated, he became a distinguished author in English as well. A methodical man by nature, his writings are interwoven with complex plots, literary devices and clever word play. There were several instances in his life when he was not satisfied with his output or when he was unable to successfully complete what he set out to write. Paradoxically, he held literary convention in contempt; this is the only point which his critics, continue to focus on. He also received much flak for focusing on language and detail and not on character development as his plot progressed in novels. He was not only a remarkably shrewd author but he was also a distinguished lepidopterist and the creator of a number of chess problems.



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